Angela Kotewicz-Crist:

“I can’t even begin to tell you how this office has blessed me and my family. From beautiful hearts to lots of laughter. And great care!! This is my orthodontic family. That’s how it feels every time we come for an appointment. They have taken in three of my children and my sister. What will I do when the services come to an end? I will definitely need to stop in and visit now and then. Blessings.”



Kaytee Miller:

“I highly reccomend Dr. Dean’s office.... They work with you and care for you every step of the way. Working with them has been a blessing.”



Brandy Davis:

“We absolutely love Dean Orthodontics. They have done an amazing job with Hayley. What a huge change.”



Travis Pickens:

“Highly recommend, both kids have braces and getting excellent results. Thanks you, guys!”



Emily Marie Bowen:

“Such a great place!”



Susan Callahan Barborak:

“We have kids in braces for the past three years. Started with Dr. Harris, who retired and passed on his business to Dr Dean. Knowledgeable, personable, Dr. Dean has our confidence in his work. With his adding an extra office location in Zanesville to his Cambridge and Coshocton offices, we have chosen to continue with him for our other children (we moved from Cambridge to west of Zanesville).”